Shade Sail Damage

Shade sail damage: Minimise and prevent risks

Custom Made Shade Sails are long-wearing, sturdy shade sails that we are proud to guarantee for 10 years for both the fabric and stitching. You can extend the life of your beautiful sail even further through good practice and attention to known risks.

There’s nothing difficult about this. Common sense, a little of your time, and a few tips from us can help you get the most from your shade sail for years to come.

  1. Ensure your shade sail is securely and correctly fixed when you install it. Incorrect fixture can leave it vulnerable to damage in storms and windy weather.
  2. Keep your shade sail clean. Clean it regularly with mild detergent and a garden (not high-pressure) hose to prevent unsightly and potentially damaging mould, mildew, traffic grime and dust.
  3. Keep your shade sail in good tension. Incorrect tensioning may cause it to sag and weaken, and gather polls of water after rain. It also exposes the sail to risk in stormy and windy weather.
  4. Repair any minor rips or tears promptly. Doing so will prevent these from becoming major damage in storms or high winds.
  5. Check your stitching regularly and if necessary have your sail re-stitched. This can help prevent tearing in high weather.
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