Measure From Point to Point

After determining the right product for your shading needs, please provide us with a point to point measurement of the required shade sail. Custom Made Shade Sails prefer you to have your connection points ready before you order (e.g. posts in the ground, or using structures such as your roof, brick or stone walls or rafters). We make our shade sails to fit your connection points.

This should include the diagonal measurements as well for any shade sail you require with more than three points. With triangular (three-sided) shade sails being the exception. Please also provide us with the details of height variations, if applicable. We will crosscheck your measurements to ensure you receive the correctly sized shade sail.

Our Sail Maker will check everything, and ensure what you are asking for will work. Since he has been doing it since 1988, we know what to look for to ensure we don’t send you something that won’t fit, and that is 100% guaranteed!

Online Shade Sail Order Form Instructions

Simply add the perimeter edges together to get your ‘edge’ or ‘perimeter’ meters.  Just add the amount into the calculator, along with how many corners. We will calculate the size of, and supply the turnbuckles for your new custom made shade sail.

Don’t worry, we cross check your measurements!

If you make a mistake when you measure we will not process your order until will have 100% guaranteed confirmation that what you order will work. We guarantee that your shade sail will fit, and if the measurements aren’t working when you submit your order we will request that you re-measure.

Alternatively, you can phone us for an accurate quote or use our contact form and attach a drawing with measurements or attach our PDF order form.



Enter Your Shade Sail Details

***Please Note*** After you submit your order, you must email your drawing with the point to point dimensions to us using our contact form alternatively you can MMS them to 0410 45 44 38. A photo of the area you are shading with attachment points showing in a photo is also appreciated.
This price includes stainless steel fittings (including turnbuckles, shackles and perimeter cable) and Australia-wide delivery.Once you have confirmed your order - please email your drawing to info@custommadeshadesails.com.au - you can either use our online order form or send your own detailed drawing or use the 'contact us' page and add your drawing as a file.
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Still not sure? Please give us a call for some advice and a quote on 0410 454 438
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How to Install Our Custom Made Sails

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Please read through some of our reviews below and feel free to leave your own review. We are committed to delivering the best quality shade sails in Australia at the most affordable price, and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with our services.


5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
Very good0%

Beautiful custom made shade sail

5.0 rating

We recently engage custom shade sails to complete our shade sail, we found that they knew what they were doing, friendly advice on the phone and were priced very competitively. I was impressed at how quickly the product arrived less than a week after ordering. The install went seamlessly as they manufactured to suit the measurements given. The corner connection points look really smart. I highly recommend using Custom Shade Sails.

Ian T.

Really Happy

5.0 rating

I started using custom made shade sails for all of my installations about 2 years ago, I have ordered 6 or 7 shade sails, and they have all been perfect and I will not be using anyone else for the foreseeable future.


Amazing and fast

5.0 rating

I had a quote on a monday and delivery was Tuesday. I can’t say how happy I am with the delivery – they told me ‘don’t mentioned it to anyone we can’t always do urgent delivery, but hey i did anyway haha.. cheers fellas next shout on me when you in geelong next! cheers, Mark


Alot better than the old one!

5.0 rating

Thanks, this shade sail actually fits perfectly rather than have some chains like our old one that flapped around alot.thank you, jill and bob


Thanks for fast turn around and great product

5.0 rating

I orders on a Monday and the sail was delivered on the Thursday of the same week! I was impressed with the quality and workmanship, the advice given over the phone and written instructions were clear and easy to understand, exactly the product I was looking for, thank you.

Donna T

Prompt and efficient service

5.0 rating

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service, and for the quality item you provided. (I am always a little wary of being too effusive in my comments as there is sometimes the possibility that a problem may arise, but I certainly don’t anticipate this being the case.)


it fits exactly how I wanted

5.0 rating

Hi David, just a bit of feed back. Sail arrived Wednesday or was it Thursday what ever…lol. Very straight forward put up and it fits exactly how I wanted. Looks great.


Perfect FIT!

5.0 rating

Thanks for your help in this, I wanted to say thanks for the patience for helping me understand how to measure upo, and why you need the extra diagonal measurements etc… The sail fits perfectly and sits so flat, we have had strong winds since we installed it and the shade sail moved only a few inches up and down even in strong winds, these are geniunly good workmanship and you can tell by the perfect sewn corners and reinforced sticthes. Thank you


Custom Made Shade Sails offers high-quality supply only, wholesale and custom made shade sails across Australia, with the following benefits:

  • Suitable for most commercial and domestic areas
  • Our warranty covers the fabric and the stitching
  • All of our shade sails are made to measure
  • Unique, practical and stylish designs
  • Expert advice about choosing the best shade sail for your needs
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Our Product Range

Shade Fabrics (Non-Waterproof)

Rainbow Shade Z16
Gale Commercial 95
Monotec 370
Rainbow Shade Extreme 32
Rainbow Shade Z16

The Z16 shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R and UPF Protection. With testing proving it to be the best performing shade sail cloth fabric for UV-R protection and longevity over 15 years.

Gale Commercial 95

Commercial 95 340 is the flagship product of gale pacific, it offers the ultimate combination of sun protection strength and durability for long-life performance. Made in Australia using high quality UV-Stabilised HDPE its suitable for the harsh Australian conditions.

Monotec 370

Designed as an “Install and Forget” shade cloth, the Monotec 370 series provides consistent protection to people and property in the harsh Australian climate. Supported by a 15-year warranty. This sturdy fabric will not stretch over time and will ensure the integrity of your structure for many years.

Rainbow Shade Extreme 32
Rainbow Shade Extreme 32

Extreme 32 is  designed and engineered for the full spectrum of shade applications from large commercial shade sails to unique architectural shade structures. It is a shade fabric cloth ideal for commercial shades & structures, large car parks, public pools, kindergartens & Schools.

Waterproof Shade Sails

Rainbow Shade DRiZ
Serge Ferrari 502
Mehler Valmex FR580
Rainbow Shade DRiZ

DRiZ combines high quality Z16 shade cloth with a clear waterproof coating to produce a unique lightweight waterproof shade cloth fabric. In a wide variety of colours and up to 100% UVR protection, DRiZ shade sails are the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications.

Serge Ferrari 502
Serge Ferrari 502

As a waterproof fabric, the Serge Ferrari 502 offers the greatest versatility to both private residential and business or corporate companies seeking a sleek, low maintenance fabric which can be applied to nearly any conceivable circumstance. The wide range of over 50 colours and patterns only enhances its usefulness.

Mehler Valmex FR580
Mehler Valmex

The FR580 range has been designed for shade sails and tensioned structures to suit the harsh Australian climate. FR580 is flame retardant, UV stabilized, anti-fungal treated and with it’s PVDF coating, enables easier, quicker cleaning.


Order Custom Made Shade Sails Online
Order Custom Made Shade Sails Online