Custom Made Shade Sails is extending our focus to sand pit covers, to provide you with durable and reliable custom made sand pit covers for the best care and protection for your outside areas.

Our sand pit covers prevent debris, litter, and animals from entering and contaminating the sand pit. With a custom made sand pit cover, you can have peace of mind while your children play, explore and learn. Custom made sand pit covers are reliable, safe, and durable. They are custom-made to ensure you receive a sand pit cover that fits well, is easy to move, reduces Workplace Health and Safety risks, is future-proofed, and durable.

Commercial Sand Pit Covers are great for:

  • Playground Sand Pits
  • Long Jump Sand Pits
  • Schools
  • Early Learning Centres

Easy and Safe to Move

Custom Made Sand Pit Covers are made with lightweight durable commercial grade shade sail, making them easy to move and carry. Made from shade sail material, our covers prevent moss and mould from forming in the sandpit, prevent water pooling on top of the cover, and keep the sandpit area clean and free of debris and contamination.  Larger covers are made in sections, with hook and loop material on the edges allowing the sections to be connected securely, and still be easier to move and lay over the sandpit. It is important to us that the sandpit covers we make are designed to be used with ease. Other covers can be heavy and difficult to manipulate in a safe and practical way.

Quick and Effortless Use

Our sand pit covers have weighted edges. This makes them more durable and safer to use. With chains sewn into the edges, the covers are secure and easy to use. Other sandpit covers may use rubber straps/elastic that can deteriorate in the sun, mounts that protrude and create additional risks or sandbags that can be a nuisance to put away and spread sand outside the sandpit areas.

Designed to Last

Custom Made Sand Pit Covers are also calculated to include the shrinkage that naturally happens due to reactivity with UV rays. With these shrinkage calculations, your sandpit cover is future-proofed and will remain usable for much longer than other covers. Our sand pit covers also use PTFE thread, which comes with a lifetime warranty. This style of thread prevents the stitching from popping in the perimeter and seams.

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