DRiZ combines high quality Z16 shade cloth with a clear waterproof coating to produce a unique lightweight waterproof shade cloth fabric. That’s how our custom made DriZ Shade sail provides protection from the sun, wind and rain while filtering harmful UV-Radiation and allowing natural light transmission.

Custom-made DriZ Shade sail is available in a wide range of colours and up to 100% UVR protection. It is the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications. That includes but is not limited to outdoor entertainment areas, awnings, pools and playgrounds. For the highest quality waterproof shade cloth, you simply can’t beat DriZ Shade sail – because it is simply the best in the market.

We recommend that Rainbow Shade DRiZ is installed with a decent amount of pitch to ensure that water will run off, rather than pool on the shade sail (1 metre of fall for every 4 metres).

Features of  DriZ Shade sail
  • Weather Protection
  • Excellent UV-R Protection (Up to 100%)
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Natural Light Transmission
  • Proven Durability & Longevity
  • Easy Care and Maintenance
  • Great Heat and Glare Reduction
  • Light Weight (Only 280 GSM)

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