Heavy-Duty Rafter Bracket Assembly


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Heavy-Duty Rafter Bracket Assembly

Suitable for all shade sail and shade structure applications these rafter brackets include full assembly.

The Heavy-Duty Rafter Bracket Assembly’s new registered design makes it 5 times stronger than any other rafter bracket and rated to 1200Kgf.

Features Include:

  • 5 times stronger than all other rafter brackets
  • Stronger base plate structure
  • Less impact to roof cladding
  • Added integrity with base plate locking
  • Made with high strength steel
  • Only 2.5mm of deflection at the tile height when loaded to 1200kg
  • Lower cost compared to other Rafter Bracket Assemblies
  • Specially designed oversized washers to spread the load over a larger area
  • 2 through-holes allow for fitting of Eye Bolts in 4 directions
  • The shade sail can be connected at any angle

Please note the Heavy-Duty Rafter Bracket Assembly will handle a load of 1200kgs but your roof structure may not, and at this load, your roof will probably need some strengthening. Refer to an engineer when necessary. For more information on this Heavy-Duty Rafter Bracket Assembly view the brochure.

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