Skiá kínisi – Retractable shade cover is stylish, durable and easy to install.

This Premium Australian Made – Retractable roof style shade system is perfect for adding shade to existing pergolas and other structures.

Retractable Shade Covers: Are versatile, easy to install and user-friendly to open and close for shade or direct sunlight when needed.

Improve the look of your outdoor living area or commercial spaces with a Retractable Skia Kinisi.


Fully adjustable to enhance your lifestyle

Nothing if not versatile, your custom-made Skia Kinisi allows the sun to shine when you want it, and gives you cover when you need it.

Custom-made to fit your unique outdoor space perfectly, you can also specify the number of billows and how low they hang.

Brilliantly engineered to enhance your outdoor spaces of any shape and size and deliver you the lifestyle or commercial edge you want on your own terms, these ultra-stylish shade sails are also very easy to operate.

Outdoor shade: residential and commercial

This premium shade solution is equally suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The envy of your barbecue guests, Skiá kínisi is custom made to fit your outdoor entertainment area perfectly, whether for your deck, garden, poolside area or patio.

Commercial customers will love how Skiá kínisi enhances their outdoor settings such as cafes, restaurants, wineries, hotels, and children’s play areas.

Skiá kínisi is built to last and to weather the toughest conditions, including ocean-front locations.


Custom Made Shade Sails is Australia’s main distributor and manufacture of this DIY Premium Australian Manufactured Product.

Skiá kínisi – DIY  installation is really easy. Attach your Skiá kínisi to a strong structure, such as pergolas or existing outdoor framework such as timber beams, posts and building exteriors and clip on the panels.  

Clever design and premium quality

Skiá kínisi is manufactured in Australia from the high-performance mesh fabric, known as Soltis Lounge 96 fitted with marine grade stainless steel accessories.

It showcases clean and simple lines, a modern colour palette, and polished marine-grade stainless steel fixings.

Key features:

  • fade resistant
  • fire retardant
  • 5% openness factor
  • high UV and heat protection
  • mildew and mould resistant
  • easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty on fabric and all components

The Ski Kinisi Retractable Shade is designed to be used as one individual panel or multiple panels in series. There are no restrictions to the number of panels you can use as part of a system. Each individual panel has a maximum size of 14m2, with a length between 1.2m and 8m, and width between 0.5m and 2.6m. Panels can be arranged in any way to cover the desired area but there must be a suitable structure to fix to at each end of the length of the panel.


Our team can assist with the design process, contact us today for advice and assistance for your perfect retractable shade solution.

The Skia kinisi is designed for daily use, not for permanent shade. It should only be extended while in use and retracted when not needed. The Skia kinisi Shade can handle light to moderate wind in the open position. The Retractable Shade should never be extended or left in the open position in winds exceeding 32kmph.


When in the retracted position the Skia kinisi Shade can be secured tightly with the included storm strap. The panels can also easily be removed from the wires and secured indoors prior to any storm and reattached later.

Yes, We can make them in most sizes and lengths to fit any area.

Each individual panel has a maximum size of 14m2, with a length between 1.2m and 8m, and width between 0.5m and 2.6m

For larger areas you can place two or more retractable sails side by side, so you can then have them both closed or one open and one closed.

Yes, Each one is made to size and comes with all the fittings in the box for a simple DIY installation.