Below you will find the spreadsheet that our own team uses for pricing for custom made shade sail based on the product and edge meters. Simply look for the product and the edge meters of the DIY project that you are planning, and contact us. We will then follow up by providing you with a personalised quote so that you are able to start your project. We make pricing for custom made shade sail so easy!

Pricing for custom made shade sail: Four easy steps

1  First, see our Products and Colours. Alernatively, call for advice on what shade sail product to choose.
2  Then, ensure your structure and fixing points are secure.
 Next, determine an accurate POINT to POINT measurement. This must include diagonal measurements on all shade sails EXCEPT  three sided (triangle) shade sails. Height variations in points are helpful. (You can download the order form on our Order Online page to help provide us with the correct information.)
 Finally, calculate the pricing for custom made shade sail using our spreadsheet below.

We are proud of our great value pricing for custom made shade sail cloths. And we are just as proud of our customer service that makes pricing and ordering so simple and user-friendly for you.

We can usually deliver within 7 days from date of order. (Summer months can be 1 – 2 weeks).

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